Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade to the latest version for free?

For the foreseeable future all our customers will have free upgrades to each new version of the product they have purchased.  This includes both new features and bug fixes.

How do I get the full (unrestricted) version of your software?

Download the program from this website.  Once you enter the serial number that you receive when you purchase, the trial version becomes the full version.

How soon will I receive my serial number?

It depends on your purchase method.  When you purchase with PayPal and use either your PayPal balance or a credit card you will be sent your serial number immediately by an automated process.  All other methods will depend on the when the payment clears and the serial number will be generated manually, so will take longer.

I have made a purchase but where is my serial number?

There are several situations where this can arise:

I have found a bug.  What shall I do?

Email our support email address: with a discription of the problem, the program and any other details that might help, like your operating system.  It may also help if you attach any files that show up the problem, e.g. a particular photo.

Can I send you feature requests?

Of course.  We are always looking to expand the feature list of our programs or even write a new program.  Please bear in mind, though, we cannot always implement requests due to various factors: e.g. whether the feature is in keeping with the program's capabilities, time contraints and the relative popularity of the program in question.  To submit a feature request email suggestions to

Will you ship me a product on CD?

We do not ship a physical product to keep the costs down.  We are constantly adding features to our programs so it is likely a program will be out of date soon after you receive it.  Most of our products are small so should not take too long to download (about 5 minutes for dial-up and 30 seconds for broadband).  To go the downloads page, click this link.

Who is Entitled to A Site License?

A Site License is intended for an office/department in a single geographical location of up 50 users.  Therefore, anyone who meets this criteria is entitled.  If you have any doubts or would like to negotiate a special deal, please email us.

If I give you my email address, will you SPAM me?

No.  We will not send you any unsolicitated email.  We will only send you emails regarding your purchase, if your have sent us emails, or if you have subscribed to our mailing list.

Are There Any Annual Fees?

Our programs are provided with a once off fee.  For the foreseeable future, all updates are free.

Do your Programs run on Mac OS 9?

We do not test our programs on Mac OS 9, but they are Carbon, so theoretically they should work.  The programs are packaged for Mac OS X, so it will be difficult to install on Mac OS 9.  We do not expect demand for Mac OS 9 to be significant.

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